Osseous Surgery: An Effective Treatment for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an oral disease which affects the tissues around your teeth. It is a serious health condition in which pockets or craters are formed around the diseased teeth. This disease is caused due to the lining formed by bacteria on your teeth and your gum line. Regular hygienic routines are not beneficial to eliminate the bacteria and to restore the gums to the normal healthy condition. If this disease is left untreated your teeth may fall out causing a permanent damage to your beautiful smile.

To treat this disease surgery is required to make sure of quick treatment and recovery as it is harder to treat a periodontal disease as the time goes by. For effective treatment of periodontal disease, also known as gingivitis, it is necessary to do an Osseous surgery. Nonsurgical methods are not as useful in treating this ailment.

How the Surgery Is Done

In Osseous surgery, a local anesthesia is used. The periodontist assesses the damage the disease has done and determines the bone damage and the depth of the pocket. After that, tartar and bacteria are removed from the teeth and gums. Upon cleaning the area, the doctor reshapes and re-contours the alveolar bone. By this method, the pockets or craters are eliminated. If the craters are too deep, then it becomes necessary to perform bone drafting along with reshaping the bone.

After reshaping the bone, the gums are flapped back on the teeth and are held in position through stitches and sutures. The sutures are mostly made of nylon and must be removed after a week post operation. In the end, a protective covering is placed in order to prevent food from contacting the affected area.

Post-Operative Procedure and Care

After the operation, you may experience some swelling which can be cured by holding an ice pack against the cheek beside the affected area. Antibiotics are sometimes used before, during or after the procedure to prevent any kind of infection. You will have to go to your doctor for a follow up so the doctor can make sure that your gums are healing properly.

Immaculate oral hygiene is must get rid of a periodontal disease especially after the surgical procedure is done. If the mouth is not kept clean, then the procedure will not have lasting effects as the disease will re-occur again and again. That is why it is mandatory to keep your oral hygiene your utmost priority.

Is Osseous Surgery a Permanent Solution

No, Osseous surgery is not a permanent solution as it is a procedure to clean out the bacteria and reshape the alveolar bone. But it does not prevent the bacteria from depositing again on the teeth and gums. Only a regular oral hygiene can get rid of the disease or prevent it from re-occurring again and again.

Periodontal diseases can be evaded by keeping your mouth clean. So to keep healthy you must keep the habits that ensure oral health. If you are unable to keep your mouth safe from the periodontal disease, osseous surgery might be the answer.

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